The Research Questions

Digital Media

1) In what ways can we include yearbook in the digital media trend that seems to be taking over every facet of communication?

2) Is it possible to be a yearbook that incorporates digital media? As for a definition of digital media, what I am thinking of is having a yearbook in a digital format (i.e. solely online or in DVD format). I just took over an adviser position this year, and one of the previous staff’s goals was to move towards a completely digital yearbook, a goal that the current staff wants to keep moving forward with. Do you think this is a viable option for any yearbook? What are the limitations, benefits, and/or drawbacks?

3) How can yearbooks incorporate digital media while also staying true to the nature of what it means to produce a yearbook?

4) How can yearbooks include digital media without rupturing what the yearbook stands for in terms of encapsulating a physical memory and history book?

5) Digital media are changing the way young people learn, play, and socialize. In what ways can we incorporate these changes in the yearbook?

6) What is the best, most effective way, to include alternatives to text, for example alternative storytelling, visual alternatives, sidebars, infographs, etc.?

Photography, Design & Graphics

Visual Communications and Visual Literacy

7) How can advisers stay on top of trends in photography, design, and graphics in yearbooks, while continuing to be on the cutting edge of change and innovation?

8) Is it better to have more writing/body copy, or more visuals in a yearbook? Or should the yearbook aim for a balance? When is white space a friend?

9) How do you tell stories with photography, design, and graphics in a yearbook?

10) What kinds of images should the yearbook produce for their audience? How can the yearbook be sure to keep images they produce fair, accurate and unbiased?

11) Writing can convey messages in multiple ways and formats using elements of design and production, and a variety of styles and symbols. What would you recommend as the three best teaching practices to teach our yearbook staffs these elements, so they cannot only master the skills, but also be able to take some creative license with the information you pass down to them?

12) Visual literacy includes the ability to interpret themes, understand perspectives, and develop an appreciation for multiple styles of communicating information. How can we ensure our yearbooks do all of these things through the visual information or visual literacy that we provide?

13) How can we use online spaces to promote the photography of our yearbook students without compromising the photos that will be in the yearbook end product?

14) How can students truly capture the “real” story of the year through photography and design? If the yearbook staff has 13 dedicated students covering a school of almost 600 students in order to capture 10 months of high school life, how is it possible to accurately and thoroughly cover the entire student body?

Using social networks to promote yearbooks

15)   How can yearbooks effectively use online social networking sites?

16)   In what ways can yearbooks use social networking sites to promote the sales of yearbooks?

17)   My yearbook students’ biggest issue is the general lack of enthusiasm of the entire student body with regard to yearbook. How can we use social networking sites to help create this enthusiasm and excitement about each book they produce?

18)   How can yearbooks connect with the student body and the rest of the yearbook audience by using online social tools?

19)   What could creating a website or twitter account do for a high school yearbook? Are there benefits, drawbacks?

Yearbooks as viable candidates for digital formats

20) What is the future/fate of high school yearbooks?

21) Are there benefits to going digital, while still maintaining that same feeling that a yearbook offers?

22) How can we keep the memories alive, while staying on top of trends as well as keeping up with technology and new innovations?

23) If a yearbook was to go fully digital, is it possible to keep that same connection with the audience that a physical yearbook has?

24) Is it possible to replicate everything that a yearbook is and represents in a digital world? Does permanence and personalization exist in a digital world?

25) Yearbook sales are dropping, so how can we compensate for the drop? Would a digital switch alleviate the burden of such high costs of producing a yearbook, as well as the high purchase cost?


26) What does a 21st Century yearbook look like?



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